Member Roll Call!

Club Members!

Erin: Co-founder and Social Media Manager.

Erin is the 18-year-old Co-founder of Mouskereads! She’s also the Captain/Host of the Made 4 Disney Podcast. Lifelong Disney fan (Nerd), so founding her own podcast to talk about her favorite Disney books and make her friend read them just seemed like the next step! When she’s not talking about Disney on the internet she enjoys playing with cats, sewing, crocheting, true crime, making finger guns, weird faces, bad jokes, listening to other podcasts and rambling about her latest obsession to anyone who’ll listen. (Also talking about Disney, not on the internet.)

Evie: Co-founder and Offical Question Asker

Hey everybody! I’m Evie and I’m the Co-host of Mousekereads. I enjoy reading, writing, and coffee. I’m always confused so please be patient with all of my questions. I’m still in high school (I can’t wait till summer break!). I also have a very abstract sense of humor so it’s ok to be confused by it.